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Nozzles create different fountain patterns. Bell, tiered, trumpet and other patterns are available. Each nozzle is rated by pump flow.
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Ext. tube for FH99 Pondmaster Bell Fountain Head
Our Price: $9.24
Our Price: $10.43
Fountain head extender Bell fountain head
Extension tube for raising Pondmaster bubbler fountain head #2095. Used to raise the fountain head.

Includes 2 - 7" PVC extension stems with 3/4" pipe threads, and 1 coupling with 3/4" pipe thread. Pictured is bubbler #2095

Pondmaster bell fountain head is designed for the 1.5 and 1.9 mag drive fountain pumps (140 - 190gph).
Adjustable multi-tier w/stem FH7 Pondmaster Large Bell w/Stem FH88
Our Price: $18.92
Our Price: $19.99
Adjustable fountain heads Pondmaster Bell Fountain Head Kit
Pondmaster fountainheads are designed for
Pond Mag 1.9 (190gph) pumps
Pond Mag 2 (250gph) pumps
Pond Mag 3 (350gph) pumps
Pond Mag 5 (500gph) pumps
Pond Mag 7 (700gph) pumps
Three distinct adjustable patterns include high and low fleur-de-lis, and lotus designs. Includes two 7" extensions and pump adapter.
Pondmaster large bell fountainhead is designed for;
Pond Mag 2 (250 gph) pumps
Pond Mag 3 (350 gph) pumps
Pond Mag 5 (500 gph) pumps
Pond Mag 7 (700 gph) pumps
Large adjustable bell (mushroom) shape pattern. Comes with two 7" extensions and pump adapter.
Bubbler for 9.5,12,18&24FH
Our Price: $26.69
Bubbler fountain head
Pondmaster large adjustable bubbling/foaming fountain head. Suitable for 950gph-2400gph pump flow.