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Phillips 5 watt UV bulb Savio LivingPonds Filter Top Pad
Our Price: 20.99
Our Price: 24.30 RF001
Phillips 5 watt UV bulb LivingPonds filter top pad
For optimum ultraviolet performance replace UV bulb annually.
Phillips 5 watt bulb for Hozelock Cyprio UV clarifiers and filters.
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Replacement filter pad for Savio waterfall filter #SF001 and versatile filter #SF002.
It is recommended that filter media be changed annually.

Versatile filter pictured

Pondmaster PM1000/PM2000 Carbon Coarse Pad Set Aqua Ultraviolet 40 Watt UV Bulb
Our Price: 12.29
Our Price: 50.99
Pondmaster PM1000 Carbon Coarse Pad Set Aqua Ultraviolet 40 Watt UV Bulb
Pondmaster  coarse white polyester and black carbon pad set for use in PM1000 filter and PM2000 filter.  Two sets required for PM2000 filter. Aqua Ultraviolet 40 watt UV bulb replacement for the 40, 80 (2 required), 160 (4 required), 200 (5 required) and 240 (6 required) watt UV units.  Quartz sleeve #A10040 available.
Hakko Air Pump Manifold Laguna O'Ring Kit PT1500/PT1502
Our Price: 29.98
Our Price: 9.99
Hakko Air Pump Manifold Laguna O'Ring Kit PT1500/PT1502
Hakko air pump manifold.  Stainless steel manifold converts 5/8" outlet into twelve airline tubing fittings (3/16"). Laguna o-ring kit for Pressure-Flo 700 and 1400 UV filters in/out ports.
Special order
Laguna 11 watt UV bulb Emperor Aquatics 25 Watt & 57 Watt Retro-Fit Quartz Sleeve (pre-2007)
Our Price: 52.79
Our Price: 45.25
Laguna 11 watt UV bulb Emperor Aquatics 57 Watt Retro-Fit Quartz Sleeve
25 watt UV replacement bulb for Laguna Pressure-Flo 700 (PT-1500) and Pressure-Flo 1400 filters (PT-1502).  For better water quality and algae growth control replace UV bulb annually.

Pressure-Flo filter pictured

Emperor Aquatics quartz sleeve for the 25 watt & 57 watt retro-fit Savio UV clarifier (pre-2007).
Emperor Aquatics Retro-Fit Service Kit 16-25-57 Seals FishMate foam 2000/3000/6000
Our Price: 15.84
Our Price: 62.98
Emperor Aquatics UV gasket FishMate filter foam
Emperor Aquatics gasket kit for retrofit UV (includes 16, 25 & 57 watt) for Savio skimmer units (pre-2007). FishMate foam for
UV+ Bio Pond Filter 2000
UV+ Bio Pond Filter 3000
UV+ Bio Pond Filter 6000
Bio Pond Filter 3000
Emperor Aquatics 57 Watt Savio Retro-Fit Power Supply (pre-2007) Emperor Aquatics 16 & 25 Watt Savio Retro-Fit Power Supply (pre-2007)
Our Price: 234.14
Our Price: 209.49
Emperor Aquatics 57 watt retro-fit transformer Emperor Aquatics 16W & 25W Retro-Fit Transformer
Emperor Aquatics 57 watt ultraviolet (UV) light retro-fit power supply unit for pre-2007 style Savio skimmer.  120 VAC 50/60Hz. Emperor Aquatics 16 & 25 watt ultraviolet (UV) light retro-fit power supply unit for pre-2007 style Savio skimmer.  120 VAC 50/60Hz.
Laguna PT1655 Quartz Ultra Media 8.5lbs
Our Price: 22.49
Our Price: 54.49
PowerClear Max quartz Aqua Ultraviolet filter media
Quartz tube for Laguna PowerClear Max 2000 (PT1655) UV sterilizer/clarifier.

PowerClear Max 2000 pictured

Aqua Ultraviolet tubular media design has the highest surface area to grow beneficial bacteria. These bacteria will break down fish waste, creating a safe and healthy pond environment. The design of the media prevents clumping and protects beneficial bacteria. One cubic foot of media is equal to 750 square feet of surface area.
Aqua Ultraviolet 8 Watt UV Transformer - Black FishMate Filter Foam 500/1000
Our Price: 63.80
Our Price: 18.99
Aqua UV transformer FishMate Filter Foam
Aqua Ultraviolet 8 watt replacement UV transformer.  Black. FishMate replacement foam for:
UV+ Bio Pond Filter 500 (ANI264)
UV+ Bio Pond Filter 1000 (ANI265)
Bio Pond Filter 1000 (ANI270)
Laguna PowerFlo Filter Foam 2/pk Laguna PowerFlo 1000 Foam
Our Price: 14.58
Our Price: 15.89
Laguna PowerFlo Filter Foam Laguna PowerFlo 1000 Foam
Laguna replacement foams for PowerFlo mechanical underwater filter (PT500) and PowerFlo Max biological underwater filter (PT505). For better water quality replace filter media annually. Laguna replacement foam for PowerFlo 1000 external biological filter (PT510). Foam measures 14"x12"x1.5".
Laguna Bio-Max Filter Media 350g Emperor Aquatics 16 Watt Retro-Fit Savio Lamp (pre-2007)
Our Price: 18.29
Our Price: 48.51
Laguna Bio Max Filter Media Emperor Aquatics 16 watt Savio bulb
Laguna BioMax filter media promotes and protects beneficial bacteria resulting in clean, clear pond water. Ideal for use with external and submersible pond filters. Emperor Aquatics 16 watt lamp for the retro-fit Savio UV clarifier (pre-2007).